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New to Brunswick County, North Carolina? Or have you lived here any length of time and just want to meet new friends?  We want to meet YOU! Come join us on the third Wednesday of each month (except in December, June, July or August) at the Murrow Hall at Trinity United Methodist Church, located across from the Southport Post Office. 






President’s Message


Bob Patey

President’s Message February 2018

We are almost through February and BNC is thawing out with some great activities, but we need you to get involved.  With more than 500 members it’s hard to believe we can’t get more people actively involved.  If you have never held an office or been on a committee you are not doing your fair share.

Elizabeth Szala has agreed to take K.C. White’s job as 2nd VP for the remainder of the year and we thank her for stepping up.  K.C. and Kathy have volunteered to return to the North to make some room for the rest of us.  We will need someone to take that job next year.  This VP is in charge of getting the meeting space and sound for our meetings.

We need a Secretary so Carol Schroder can finally retire from the job she’s held for more than three years.  You take notes at the Executive Committee meetings and electronically distribute them to the committee chairs. 

Pat Powell has had the job of Publicity chair for as long as I’ve been a member and would like to move on to other things.  Your contact list is done thanks to Pat and the announcements are easy and straight forward to write.   

We need someone to take over the Sunshine committee. Most of the cards sent are congratulation and get well. No birthday’s unless you hit 100 (Bill Loudermilk is still two years away) and no grandchildren or we’d run out of cards and stamps.  It’s a great way to be involved and get on the executive board. 

Jeannie Rodbell will not be able to head up the Giving Back to Brunswick Campaign (GBTB) next year. If we want this worthwhile program to continue it will need a leader. 

February’s speaker is Shane Fernando, Director Cape Fear Stage at the Wilson Center.  If you have never been to this venue you are really missing out.  A great sound system, good seating and great acts that come to nearby Wilmington.



New Hope Clinic is our recipient for February’s Giving Back to Brunswick campaign. Here is their wish list.


It looks like a full month of fun and activities for us. Remember!


BNC Meets at the Trinity United Methodist Church the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 209 E Nash St, Southport, NC 28461. (Across from the Post Office)  



Attention BNC Members-

Reminders BNC Board members will never via email ask for money from BNC members under any circumstances.

In general any email from someone you know that asks for money or sensitive information should be viewed as questionable.  Contact the person over the phone to ask about the email.  There are times when hackers gain access to a person’s email contacts to ask these very questions.




Committee News


Check out the Travel Committee page for details. 

Check the Social Committee page for future events.


Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch schedule is available for the 2017-18 year.  Check out the Lunch Bunch page for details.



New members and renewals are accepted throughout the year.
New members should contact Pat Fornuff at 440 213 4595 or  Click Here to access the membership form.
2017-18 BNC Officers.

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