Give Back to Brunswick



“RECYCLE THOSE PLASTIC BAGS” via the local Food Bank of Brunswick County. 

  • Please bring your old plastic bags from Walmart, Lowes, etc. to our meeting monthly to have them recycled by the Food Bank for those shopping there.  Help others and save our landfill from these plastic bags! 



LOOKING FOR THINGS TO DO?  Our monthly non-profits need support long after your donation.  As the year continues, I will be adding contact information to the following list of volunteer opportunities that exist for these groups.  Feel free to contact them to provided a helping hand!




(May 2019) 

No Hungry CHILD


Brunswick County

For the month of May, we will be helping No Hungry Child, in their fight against childhood hunger.  Because of people like you they are supplying food to the youngest of our citizens and changing the lives of these children and their families.  The items that they requested are as follows:

Peanut Butter

Canned Tuna

Canned Fruit/Vegetables

Boxed Cereal

Baked Beans


Personal Hygiene Items




(April 2019)


American Legion Veterans


Serviced By Brunswick Family Assistance

For the month of April, we will be helping American Legion Veterans who are serviced by Brunswick Family Assistance.  The items that they requested are as follows:


                                          Men’s Collared Shirts


                                          Canned Goods

                                          First Aid Supplies

                                          Baby Diapers And Supplies

                                          Gift Cards For Groceries


                                          Any Reasonable Not Perishable Item


(March  2019)

Brunswick Family Assistance

Food Pantry

For the month of March, we will be helping BFA restock their Food Pantry.  The items that they requested are as follows:

                                                     Peanut Butter

                                                     Canned Tuna

                                                     Canned Fruit

                                                     Boxed Cereal

                                                     Baked Beans

                                                      Canned Vegetables

                                                     Paper Towels

                                                     Toilet Paper


No glass, home made or open items please.




(Febuary  2019)Samara’s Village


Their Mission:  To educate, equip and empower pregnant teens and their Families.  The following items are on their wish list:


  1.   Diaper Bags
  2.   Boy and Girl Oneies Sizes 0-3 and 3-6 month
  3.   Pajamas-sizes 0-4T
  4.   Stage 1 fruit and vegetables
  5.   Children’s books
  6.   Home safety items (socket covers & cupboard locks)
  7.   Baby first aid/hygiene items (baby toothbrush, blunt scissors, baby nail clippers, baby thermometer, infant acetaminophen & nasal aspirator
  8.   Larger diapers size 5’s and 6’s
  9.   Their greatest need is for volunteers to serve in their program, especially female Home Visitors.  Their website is






(January  2019)


Communities In Schools-Brunswick County


For the month of January, we will be helping Communities In Schools-Brunswick County.  The following items are on their wish list:


  1.   Pens, pencils, crayons
  2.   Notebooks
  3.   Loose leaf paper
  4.   Construction paper and other miscellaneous art supplies
  5.    8 ½ X 11 copy paper
  6.    Hi-lighters
  7.    Post it notes
  8.    3 X 5 index cards
  9.    Paper clips and binder clips
  10. Scotch tape
  11. 3” Three ring binders
  12. Manila file folders
  13. Hand sanitizer







Brunswick Sheriff’s

Animal Protective Services

For the month of November, we will be helping Brunswick Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services.  Your help will mean so much to the animals! 


Items that they need:

Dog/Puppy Food (dry)

Kitten/Cat Food (dry)

Flea and Deodorizing Shampoo

Blue Dawn Dish Detergent


Fabuloso or Mr. Clean (disinfecting cleaner)

Laundry Detergent

Towels (Bath & Hand) Size

Pill Pockets

Dog Kongs/Cat Toys

Hand Sanitizer


Volunteer Opportunities    WEBSITE





(OCTOBER 2018)

Matthew’s Ministry

Food Changes Lives


For the month of October, we will be helping Matthew’s Ministry which is dedicated to ending childhood hunger in Brunswick County.  Each year Matthew’s Ministry provides weekend food for children who do not get adequate nourishment at home.  The following items are on their wish list:

Canned meat                Canned pasta sauce               Pasta

Soup                                Canned vegetables                Macaroni & cheese

Ramen noodles            Granola bars                            

Packs of crackers          Oatmeal packets


They are also requesting perishables and toiletries to replace items lost during Hurricane Florence.








For the month of September, we will be helping Matthew’s Ministry which is dedicated to ending childhood hunger in Brunswick County.  Each year Matthew’s Ministry provides weekend food for children who do not get adequate nourishment at home.  The following items are on their wish list:

Canned meat

Canned pasta sauce



Canned vegetables

Macaroni and cheese

Ramen noodles

Granola bars

Packs of crackers


Oatmeal packets


(MAY 2018)


Help your local Fire Departments in May


Your local Fire Departments are there when you need them Day or Night.  

When there is a call for assistance whether it is a fire, medical emergency or vehicle crash, these calls could last for hours.

Firefighters and EMS personnel need to stay hydrated during these extended calls.


Let’s help them by providing the following items for their rehab during extended calls.

I will divide everything and delivery to each firehouse.


Water 8-16 oz plastic bottles

Gatorade 8-16 oz plastic bottles (any flavor)

Individual Snacks (cookies and crackers)


Oak Island Fire Department & Parks & Recreation Department

Please consider mailing a check to OKI Fire Department to sponsor a child for “Youth Fire Camp”.  

The cost is $60 for residents and there are children that want to attend but can’t afford the cost. 

Camp is held June 11th to 15th

Questions contact the Recreation Center at 910-278-5518 or Joe Snapp 910-278-1000. Mail checks to:


OKI Fire Department, 8510 E. Oak Island Drive, OKI, NC 28465, Attn: Joe Snapp




(APRIL 2018)





(MARCH 2018)


Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Services





HOME VISITOR:This is a long-term commitment and requires specialized training within one year of approval of your volunteer application. The home visitor is an integral member of the Samara’s Village team. They are the program facilitator for our Partners for a Healthy Baby Curriculum and the lifeline between the organization and the female participant. Home Visitor volunteers must be willing to take on up to 3 mothers each and must be able to meet with those mothers at least monthly for the duration of their time in the program.  

FATHERHOOD MENTOR:This is a long-term commitment and requires specialized training. 24/7 Dad Mentors must possess the desire to help support and educate young fathers. The position requires strong listening and communication skills. The Fatherhood Mentor will implement, direct, instruct, guide, and document individual and/or group meeting with participants.

VILLAGE AMBASSADOR:To fill the role of Village Ambassador, we’re looking for individuals with a strong commitment to Samara’s Village and our mission. Good communication skills are necessary because this is primarily a volunteer public relations position. Our Ambassadors will represent Samara’s Village within a defined area (“territory”) of Brunswick County.

Village Ambassadors will call upon churches, service organizations, OB/GYN doctors and pediatric offices within their assigned territory. Some Ambassadors will be assigned middle and high schools or county services, exclusively. When visiting, the Village Ambassador will introduce or re-introduce Samara’s Village to the locations, drop brochures and discuss the participant referral process.


This volunteer position requires three to four hours per month and a car is necessary. The goal is to consistently promote Samara’s Village monthly at each location and build a relationship. The expected outcomes are an increase in program participants, donor development, and Samara’s Village name recognition.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATION TEAM:​​Serve as a Volunteer Coordinator or on the team. You will be assisting with:

  • The recruitment, interview and placement of applicants for volunteer work
  • The maintenance of volunteer job descriptions.
  • Conducting and/or arranging for volunteer orientation and training
  • Maintaining accurate records.  

ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM:Do you have a background in an administrative role? This may be the volunteer position for you.

  • Willingness to learn
  • Communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Organization skills
  • May work from home

TRANSPORTAION:Provide transportation for participants, as needed, to receive services or attend medical appointments. Must have good driving record.

Website/ Social Media/ Coordinator:

  • Keep Samara’s Village website and social media up-to-date.
  • Respond to basic questions and relay inquiries
  • Perform basic website maintenance and updating design
  • Help compile information to create and distribute a monthly newsletter



To volunteer for any of these openings, please visit or email

Or call 910-294-0292.

Address (by appointment only): 1450 Fifty Lakes Drive, Unit F, Southport, NC (Next to Olde Brunswick Store in BSL)  
























Lower Cape Fear HOSPICE, to volunteer email: or visit the website at for more information


Hospice Volunteers Orientation and Training

Potential volunteers meet with our volunteer program staff members to discuss a match between their interests and current volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers attend a training orientation before they begin. The training gives an in-depth overview of agency programs, services, and philosophy; discusses volunteer opportunities; and highlights end-of-life care issues and concerns.

To keep information flowing and receive feedback from volunteers, support groups take place throughout the year. Continuing education sessions are offered on a regular basis.

A monthly newsletter, The Server, is sent to all active volunteers to enhance communication and keep them updated on agency events.



Communities In Schools of Brunswick County: New Phone number: 910-832-3494,


Types of volunteer activities and needs are listed below by program:


Action for Success Program call: (910) 253-5327 Ext. 1542

1.     Mentor a student

2.      Tutor a student

3.      Donate needed school supplies

4.      Read to or listen to a reader

5.      Furnish clothing for children in need

6.      Join a child for school lunch (Lunch Buddy program)

7.      Participate in Career Day

8.      Participate in school fund raisers

9.      Remember birthdays

10.   Send cards to teachers

11.   Commit to pray for the school, the staff, the children and their families

12.   Donate financially to support the program

21st Century Community Learning Centers call: (910) 832-3494

1.      Donate school & craft supplies and program supplies

2.      Donate board games, educational games and educational books

3.      Recruit community partners to work with the programs

4.      Volunteer to assist in the afterschool 21 CCLC program

5.      Volunteer to provide administrative assistance

6.      Donate financially to support the program


CIS Thrift Shops call: (910) 832-2916

1.      Receiving and sorting donations

2.      Greeting customers

3.      Customer Service

4.      Retail Sales

5.      Making donations of clothing, housewares, furniture, etc.

6.      Local pick up of donation items for shops

Teen Court call: (910) 253-4087

1.      Volunteer to help manage and teach law profession etiquette and knowledge to students

2.      Recruit a restaurant to donate pizza once a month for student and adult volunteers

3.      Help with fundraising and grant writing

4.      Assist with peer leadership groups

5.      Donate financially to support the program

Administrative Office call: (910) 832-3494

1.      Volunteer to help with administrative duties at the CIS Admin Office at Duke Energy Progress Media Center, Southport.

2.      Volunteers to serve on various committees related to programs and operational development

3.      Volunteer with experience in developing newsletters and news articles

4.      Volunteer with social media experience

5.      Donate office furniture & supplies, etc.