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Committee Chairman

     Mary Lou Green 


    Cherryl Fraim

    Les Fraim


Committee Members

     Brenda Hilger,   

     Kathy Vollenweider

     Cindy Black

     Sarah Sterlacci


The Special Interest Committee can't exist without the willingness of our membership to share their interests and talents.  Anyone who has taught a class will tell you how much fun it is and how rewarding the experience can be.  It is a great way to show your appreciation for this truly wonderful, and enormously successful, all volunteer Club.

If you have a special skill or talent and would like to share it with your fellow BNC'ers please contact Mary Lou Green  or stop by the Special Interest table at the meeting and speak to any of the committee members. 

Instructors choose the date, time, location, number of participants and cost for their classes.  The BNC pays for all required supplies, as well as refreshments for participants. There is never any financial cost to those who generously give of themselves to teach a class for our membership.



              This club has thrived due to the many activities offered to its members.  Without your help we won’t have classes to offer.  The sign-up sheet has been passed through the audience for two months with one person offering to help.  Members love classes with Christmas themes. Other interests might include:   iPhone or Android phone help; photography, car maintenance for women, how to use seashells, cooking specialties, crafts.

              If you would like to offer a class before the end of the year please contact us before the November 20th meeting. 

Mary Lou Green              BlueKnobSki@gmail.com

  Or Cherryl Fraim           cyfraim@gmail.com



Sign ups are available at each meeting.



3/17       Jewelry Beading                                            9:45 am (Cancelled)

3/22       Chamber Music                                              3:00  pm (Cancelled)

3/23       Oak Island Lighthouse tour                          10:30 am (Cancelled)

3/27       Glass Etching                                               class is full (Cancelled)


4/14       Note Writing                                                   1:30 pm (Cancelled)


4/23       Vintage Tea                                                  11:30 am (Cancelled)


4/28       Wilmington Water Tour                                 11:00 am (Cancelled)


5/21       Waccamaw Train Museum                           11:00 am (Cancelled)