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Brunswick Newcomers Club



Hello BNC Members,


During this unnatural, protracted time of social distancing, I want to reach out to each and every one of you with an update on the status of our club. The Board met recently in an outdoor, open-aired venue to discuss the best way to serve our membership while heeding the guidelines of our local government, as well as the CDC.  In the interest of us all, we decided quickly and unanimously to cancel our September membership meeting. While our gathering in October, November and December remains uncertain, we have agreed to bide our time a little longer before definitely canceling those meetings too. The Board also discussed our membership drive which usually is in the summer, to be postponed until a later date. 


Plans for an active and engaging Autumn were in motion; Committee Chairs were eager to offer our membership stimulating activities of all sorts. These plans have not been scrapped, but merely held at bay until we can enjoy each other’s company once again. On behalf of your Board and Committee Chairs, I want you all to know that we miss our club’s fellowship and the joy of interacting with one another. The void we feel is unmistakable. Nevertheless, we are a strong people and we will prevail. I will send another update in a month or two. In the meantime, I hope you are all finding happy, creative ways to endure the continued need to be socially distanced. Stay safe, count your blessings and be well! Ciao,